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Blue's Corner.

Unrecognizable changed, that's how you could best describe Restaurant De Cockpit. When you enter the new Cockpit, you are amazed. The old interior with brown tiles and classic furniture is no longer visible. Tough details, warm colors and aviation elements can all be found in the interior of this family restaurant.

Also special about this project is the brand integration of Leffe. The beer brand by part of is AB-Inbev introduced in the fall of 2018 a new house style with new, refreshed elements. De Cockpit is one of the first catering establishments in the Benelux where the new house style is applied on a large scale. Arjan Knoppert brand manager at AB-Inbev about this project: "We use this project as a starting point for the future brand integrations of Leffe. The Cockpit is really a prime example of the Leffe brand and the DutchConcept quality."

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